Apples and Bananas – A Review of the Apples and Bananas Strain

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Apples and Bananas is a balanced hybrid strain (50% indica / 50% sativa) that has been created by crossing the Platinum Cookies, Granddaddy Purple, Blue Power and Gelatti strains. It is a high-yielding variety that produces generous harvests when grown under optimal conditions. This strain is highly recommended for both medical and recreational use and produces a soothing and calming effect on the user. It delivers a unique taste of sugary bananas, sharp sour apples, and hints of black pepper. The buds have a ripe and juicy texture and are excessively covered with resinous trichomes that give them a crystal-like sheen.

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The apples and bananas strain has a high concentration of the terpene myrcene, which is known for its relaxing, anti-anxiety, mood-enhancing and stress-relieving effects. The strain also contains limonene, which is responsible for its fruity and citrus aromas.

Medicinal effects of the Apples and Bananas strain include relieving stress, depression and anxiety, as well as treating chronic pain, loss of appetite, muscle spasms and nausea. It can even stimulate the mind and enhance creativity.

Apples and Bananas is an easy-to-grow photoperiod marijuana strain that can be cultivated indoors and outdoors. It is a fast-flowering variety that requires only 8-9 weeks to reach peak maturity. This strain is ideal for growers looking to produce high-quality flower and extracts. The plants are tall and sturdy and can yield an impressive amount of yields when cultivated under optimal conditions. This is a great strain for both beginner and experienced cultivators.

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