Breath Work Certification

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breath work certification

A breath work certification can help you gain the expertise needed to provide healing breathwork sessions. The course covers the scientific and spiritual aspects of breathwork and includes 10 private sessions. There are also business courses and follow-up mentorship programs available for certified practitioners. You can complete these programs online or at a physical location, but be aware that they require a high level of financial investment. If you are interested in becoming a breathwork facilitator, you should look into training with the Transcend Training Program.

Help You Gain The Expertise Needed To Provide Healing Breathwork Sessions

Breathwork can be used as a stand-alone method or in combination with other therapeutic methods to promote a more holistic health practice. It helps students and clients connect deeper with their bodies, experiencing a deeper sense of healing and empowerment. Breathwork teachers are often offered custom marketing materials to help them promote their practice and earn a return on investment immediately. The training is available online and may take as little as six months to complete.

Breathwork Teacher Training is ideal for people who are interested in the science behind breathwork. The course includes extensive practice, as well as information on how to run a successful coaching practice. There are two training modules in the course: Circular Breathwork and Conscious Connected Breathwork. It includes both online and live sessions, peer support, and reading materials. You can take the course for six months to two years, depending on your goals and time commitment.

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