Busy Bag Ideas For Traveling With Babies, Toddlers Or Kids

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Ideas To Keep Your Little Travelers Entertained

When you’re traveling with babies, toddlers or kids, forward planning is key to keeping them entertained and happy. Whether you’re heading on a long-haul flight or road trip, having a stash of non-electronic activities to keep your little travelers engaged can make the difference between a calm, happy family vacation and an explosive sibling fight.

A great way to get kids moving and stimulate their brains is to play games that encourage physical activity. During rest stops, set up an athletic challenge to see who can complete the most sprints or push-ups, or turn the car into a human racetrack by playing “Would You Rather?” where everyone gets their chance to ask far-fetched questions like, “Do you want chocolate or pizza for dinner?” Find out https://ustimetoday.com/the-kid-friendly-mile-high-city-7-ideas-to-keep-your-little-travelers-entertained/

Stickers and other small toys are easy busy bags that you can whip out during travel waiting times. My daughter Milana loves the puffy sticker books from Melissa and Doug (they come in a range of themes) or you can find other great options online such as the Water Wow book by Crayola, which is a modern take on coloring with special pads that only work with the magic marker and don’t make a mess.

Fun and Adventure on the Go: Tips and Activities to Keep Your Little Travelers

Another option is to give each child a large sheet of paper, some markers and crayons or colored pencils, and let them draw or colour in their own space. You can even pick up some cheap, travel-sized tin foil from the dollar store and use it to create roads, cars or trains, which is great for developing their fine motor skills.

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