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Top 10 Tools and Equipment For Doing Digital Magic Tricks

Top 10 Tools and Equipment For Doing Digital Magic Tricks

Are you a magician? Do you love practicing your magic tricks in front of a mirror? If so, you’re in luck – because magic is becoming more and more electronic! In this article, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 tools and equipment that will help you do digital magic tricks like a pro. From magic software to fool-proof tips, we’ve got everything you need to take your magic skills to the next level. Are you curious to see what’s on the list? Read on to find out!

Top 10 Tools and Equipment For Doing Digital Magic Tricks

1. The Magician’s Own Personal Web Page

The Magician's Own Personal Web Page

This is the magician’s main online presence, where they share tricks, ideas, and photos of their work. They can also post news about magic events or products they are promoting.

2. An Internet Search Engine for Magic-related Information

An Internet Search Engine for Magic-related Information

This tool lets you quickly find information on magic tricks, magic theory, magical ingredients, and more – all from the comfort of your computer screen!

3. A Virtual Playing Card Deck

A Virtual Playing Card Deck

A virtual deck of playing cards may be just what you need to add a little magic to your card magic tricks! This handy tool lets you experiment with different card routines and create new ones.

4. A Magic Journal to Record Your Tricks and Thoughts

Keeping a magic journal can help you track your progress, share your tricks with others, and more. It’s also a great way to document the history of magic – from one trick to the next!

5. Flashcards With Magical Tricks on Them

Flashcards are an easy way to learn new magic tricks – all you need is some paper and flashcards! And because they’re virtual, they can be accessed from any computer or smartphone.

6. A Magician’s Screen Cleaner and Astringent

Keeping your magic props clean and looking good is important – a magician’s screen cleaner and astringent can help keep everything looking sharp! This handy tool also has magical properties – it’ll remove any unwanted magic spells or boundaries that might be blocking your magic.

7. A Magic App for Your Phone or Tablet

A Magic App for Your Phone or Tablet

If you’re not internet-connected, don’t worry – there are plenty of magic apps available to download on your phone or tablet! These apps offer tricks, tutorials, magic tricks, and more – perfect for when you’re on the go and need a little magic to help pass the time.

8. A Virtual Magic Set

A virtual magic set can help you practice your magic skills in a safe and controlled environment. This handy tool contains all the resources you’ll need to perform tricks – from props to commentary!

9. A Virtual Magic Assistant

If you’re looking for a virtual magic assistant to help you with your tricks, there are plenty of options available! These assistants offer step-by-step instructions and feedback on your magic performance – perfect for beginner magicians.

10. An Online Magic Academy

Online Magic Academy

If you’re ready to take your magic skills to the next level, an online magician academy is a perfect place to start! These academies teach all sorts of magical disciplines, from card tricks to sleight of hand. They also have tons of resources, including video tutorials and downloadable PDFs.


Altogether, these tools and equipment are useful for magicians in York to do digital magic tricks. Once you get them all in place, start practicing your favorite magic tricks! Here’s wishing you lots of fun while practicing your new skills.