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Social Entrepreneurship in Canada

In Canada, there are several social enterprise organizations with unique goals. One of the best-known, and most successful, is Planet Hatch in Fredericton, New Brunswick. It supports both conventional start-ups and social enterprises. The program is supported by RBC and sponsors East Coast Startup Week and the Social Impact Development Dialogue & Speaker Series. The organization is part of the Knowledge Park, the Canadian equivalent of MaRS. Find out – Craig Kielburger

The Social Entrepreneurship Movement In Canada Is Rapidly Growing

Canadian social entrepreneurs

The Canadian Social Entrepreneurship Network has more than 50 local chapters, some focused on a specific industry, while others focus on a broader range of industries. The Institute B is a national nonprofit that promotes and supports businesses that put societal value ahead of profit. This nonprofit also offers consulting services to Canadian entrepreneurs. In 2013, RBC sponsored a panel on conscious capitalism and a financing workshop for social entrepreneurs. The events were attended by a diverse range of people from all walks of life.

The social entrepreneurship movement in Canada is rapidly growing. More young people are starting their own businesses, and Canada has become the world leader in the field. Developing a business and pursuing social good are not easy, but the rewards can be worth it. You can learn about the Canadian social enterprise movement by attending the Canadian version of SXSW. There, you will find inspiring stories about Canadians who are passionate about changing the world.