Gun Violence – Preventing School Shooting

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A gun is an air-powered ranged weapon designed primarily to use a firing pin to launch normally solid projectiles, usually metal, at very high velocity, but also can release pressurized gas, liquid or even electrified particles. Solid projectiles can be tethered, air-fried, or free-flowing. A standard large-caliber gun is called a cannon. These are usually the most common weapons in both military and civil conflicts.

The gunpowder cartridge, which is the portion of the gun that holds the powder charge, when primed and fired causes the projectile to fly a straight trajectory. To make the gunpowder propel straight, a gunpowder mixture is combined with gunpowder charges and ignition powders. The primer initiates the firing of gunpowder and the muzzle causes it to ignite. The gunpowder is usually in small chunks or containers that propel the gunpowder out in a fine spray.

Guns are mainly used for hunting and self-defense purposes and can be either a pistol or rifle. There are different types of gunpowder including shot, powder, regular, armor piercing, hollow-point, and high-pressure. Powder firearms projectiles have a larger diameter than their shot counterparts and have less powder residue when they reach target. In the case of hollow-point, the bullet has a hardening device that increases the diameter of the bullet and creates a larger hole on impact.

While the UK and some other developed countries banned the use of fully automatic firearms in civilian areas, the US states have since allowed the use of these weapons for both personal protection and hunting. The National Rifle Association and the firearm lobby were prominent in supporting the ban and its reinstatement by the United States Congress. After the reinstatement, there was an unprecedented spike in gun violence across the nation, especially in elementary schools. While not all suicides and school shootings are firearms related, the spike in gun related suicides can be attributed to the fact that more people had access to highly lethal weapons.

Before we further discuss gun related deaths and injuries, let us first look at the types of gun. A gun can be classified as either an airsoft or a gas gun depending on how it shoots the bullet and the powder composition. A gun that shoots from a side-by-side position is referred to as an airsoft gun while one that shoots from a centerfire position is called a gas gun. In general, gas guns are more popular because they are easier to handle and have faster shooting speeds than other types of guns.

There are several ways to stop gun violence. One way is to enact gun control laws that would require gun sellers to ensure that buyers pass specific licenses and take safety precautions before purchasing firearms. Another way to prevent gun violence is to discourage teens from using guns since it can increase the likelihood of suicide and other firearm related accidents.

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