Gunsmith Training: Basic Gunsmithing Skills

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There is no federal law required for the sale of any gun, shotgun, or handguns. However, a minor under the age of 18 must have either consent of or be accompany by a legal guardian or parent; a minor below 12 must have consent or be accompanied by an adult; and a firearm dealer is required to obtain a form from the federal government that states the buyer’s identity. The forms are available at local police stations.

An excellent option to prevent accident or theft is a gun safe. The gun safe is a simple frame or wall mounted device that secures the gun away from children or criminals. Gun safes also keep the gun safe from moisture, dampness, or sand. Gun safes may be placed on top of beds or in closets.

The second most popular option for a firearm in the home is a handgun. While a shotgun or riffle can be used as a self defense weapon, a handgun (which shoots gunpowder rounds) must be registered with the state as a fire arm. The purchase and handling of a handgun is much like buying a powder gun. A license is required to buy a handgun, and a full citation needed to purchase a handgun or any other weapons.

Rifles were designed to be used for hunting and sporting purposes, and have much greater stopping power than handguns. However, they are much heavier than handguns, and carry a longer “range.” Rifles are generally only allowed to be used in hunting competitions. Rifles can be used for nearly any purpose, including defense of self, hunting, and collecting. Rifles also have much less portability than handguns.

A popular method of carrying a gun is to place it in a holster, which is a long, slender piece of leather or fabric that goes under the belt. Holsters are also commonly used by those who are concerned about gun safety, since they often allow people to quickly access their guns when necessary. There are three basic types of holsters. Tote-style holsters usually attach to the side of a belt; concealment holsters are concealed in the pants or waistband; and outside the belt, a belt holster is worn under the arms. Each type of holster has its own set of rules for use.

The third most popular type of gun is the shotgun. Although most shotgun shells are large, shot shells are specifically made to be shot from a shotgun. Shotguns can be either single shot, repeating, or have a special repeating cross-bolt. Repeating shotguns shoot a shot (known as a shotgroup) once and then load a new shell into the gun and repeat the process. A repeating shotgun is ideal for anyone who doesn’t wish to waste ammunition by constantly firing a shotgroup, and for hunters who need to fire multiple shots at once.

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