How to Choose the Best Root Touch Up Product

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Root touch up is a great way to keep your hair looking fresh and vibrant between salon visits or at-home coloring sessions. It can also save you money, as it elongates the time between full services by several weeks.

Can I use root touch up on all my hair?

As much as we love getting our hair colored, it’s no secret that roots will start to grow in between dye sessions and appointments. While in a perfect world, they would never show, that’s not the case for everyone.

But, a root touch up product can help conceal the appearance of unwanted growth and cover grays or grown-out highlights before you have to go in for a full color service. Here, experts share their favorite at-home options for the job (and a buying guide to get you started).

Bumble and Bumble’s color stick is perfect for precise touch-ups on specific areas like your hairline. The slanted stick is easy to apply, blending directly into your base color without guesswork or blotches.

dpHUE’s permanent root cream is available in a variety of shades to ensure you get the coverage you want. It also comes with a mixing bowl, gloves, processing cap and applicator brush for precision application.

Style Edit’s root powder is another option that promises to cover grays and add volume. It’s easy to use and even works on light and dark hair.

While many people believe that these products will give them a permanent hair color change, the reality is that most of these kits only last a few weeks before washing off. They usually come with squirt bottles, brushes and small mirrors to make applying the dye easier.

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