Mushroom Bags – What Are They?

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Mushroom bags are reusable containers that many mushroom growers use to sterilise their fruiting substrate before inoculating them with spawn.

Mushroom grow mushroom bags  are made from high grade polypropylene that can withstand temperatures inside an autoclave. Once filled with your chosen growing medium and a small amount of colonized mycelium, they are heated to sterilize the substrate before adding your spawn inoculum.

There are two distinct types of mushroom bags: spawning bags and fruiting blocks. Spawning bags are used to propagate mycelium in a controlled environment, and are typically hung on hooks or taped together with tape.

In addition to being useful for mycelium spawning, these bags can be used as a fruiting block for sawdust or other substrates that have been colonized with mycelium. These blocks can be moved into a fruiting room where they are provided with a light source, high humidity and adequate fresh air exchange.

Growing Mushrooms Made Easy: The Benefits of Using Mushroom Bags

The bags also feature an air filter patch, which is essential for healthy mycelium growth while preventing contamination. The filter patch keeps mold spores, bacteria, and other microorganisms from passing through the mycelium.

Once the mycelium has grown to a significant size and a sufficient number of mushrooms have formed, you can either leave the bag open or cut it apart for fruiting. If you cut it apart for fruiting, we recommend opening the bag a few times per day to let the mycelium receive plenty of fresh air. This will keep the mycelium from getting too crowded and allowing for more rapid mushroom growth.

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