Smart Home Camera Security

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smart home camera security

Whether you’re looking for a way to keep tabs on your kids, pets or the outside of your home, smart camera security is a good place to start. Whether you choose wired or Wi-Fi, many models can run for a short time on battery power to prevent theft of the camera (or of forensic evidence from video recordings). Others offer temperature monitoring, which can alert you to spikes and drops in indoor temperature that may indicate a problem.

Check to see if the model you’re considering smart cctv system the latest wireless security protocols, as well as a secure password. It should be easy to change the default user ID and password using the camera’s app or on the device itself, as this will reduce the likelihood of your camera falling victim to hackers who could use it to spy on you or your family.

DIY Smart Home Camera Installation: Step-by-Step Setup for Enhanced Security

Look for a model that offers free cloud storage or at least doesn’t charge for an ongoing subscription. Some cameras also allow you to record to an SD card, which can save your recordings if the camera is stolen.

Consider a model with two-way audio, which allows you to talk remotely, either for reassuring your children or silencing a rambunctious dog. Some cameras also feature a piercingly loud 100 dB siren, which can be activated by motion, sound or a face that’s known or unrecognized. Some can send alerts to multiple people, as well as email or text messages.

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