Why Shop Local at an Artisan Shop?

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In addition to supporting small local artisan shop , shopping local at an artisan shop helps you connect with a community of makers. These folks take pride in their work and are happy to share their passion with you. They also want to keep you as a customer, so they’ll go out of their way to make sure your experience is a good one.

Artisan products are often designed and crafted using a variety of traditional methods and materials that can be hard to find in the mainstream. For example, when you buy a mochila bag from Ware Crafts, the maker uses the indigenous Wayuu people’s customs and traditions to guide their design process and ensure each piece is high quality. In turn, this gives each customer a sense of connection and authenticity with their purchase.

Another reason to shop local is that it supports the economy in the town or village where the shop is located. When the high street thrives, it attracts more events, activities and businesses that help to bring a vibrant, friendly atmosphere into the heart of your community.

Crafted with Care: Exploring the Treasures of Your Local Artisan Shop

Local artisans and makers are not only creating unique, handmade goods but they’re bringing a sense of originality to communities and offering a new way of buying those items you need in your everyday life. The low-carbon impact of reducing the distance between the supplier and the buyer is significant, too.

For example, Mary Plummer runs Maine Micro Artisans, a retail shop that features multiple local makers selling everything from bath and body products to jewelry and tote bags. Her store is especially noteworthy because it includes wares from parents of children with special needs.

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